SAN JUAN, ARGENTINA. The four of cyclist national road champions crowned recently in La Plata will integrate the team of cyclists convened by Omar Contreras, coach of the Argentine national team, to develop a period of concentration in San Luis prior to participation in the San Juan 2018 Pan American Championships.

Maribel Aguirre and Rubén Ramos, elite monarchs online; Mauricio Graciani and Duilio Ramos, kings sub-23 of chrono and line, respectively, will have to travel to San Luis on Thursday to face a final work that will develop the cyclists mentioned in a preselection.

To them four will be added Nicolás Naranjo and Leonardo Cobarrubia. Who is on the payroll of the Facpyr, but will arrive for the contest Nicolás Tivani, currently in Europe running in the Romanian continental team Treviggiani-Phonix.

Under the supervision of the Italian Cristiano Valoppi (team manager of the selection) will be Jorge Giacinti (Mirasal), Mauro Richeze (Agrupación Virgen de Fátima) and Sebastián Trillini (Argentine Union of Television).

Among the ladies the situation is different, because in the squad six can run and there are five called to San Luis. Maribel Aguirre will be accompanied by: Cristina Greeve, Fiorela Malaspina, Estefanía Pilz and Julia Sánchez Parma (she is licensed in San Juan and ran with the blue-and-blue jersey the national route).

In sub 23, apart from the Sanjuaninos Graciani, Duilio Ramos and Cobarrubia, the Buenos Aires residents Tomás Contte, Federico Vivas and Facundo Crisafulli, the Cordovan Joaquín García, the Catamarca Luciano Martínez, the Mendoza Marcos Méndez and the Iván Gabriel Gabriel Ruiz have been mentioned.

According to the comments of Gabriel Curuchet, president of the UCRA (Union Cyclist of the Argentine Republic) so far, 28 nations of the continent have confirmed their participation. "In the congress there will be representatives of 28 countries, for the competitions have been pre-registered runners of 25 of them".

The Pan-American Road Championship will be held between Thursday 3 and Sunday 6 May.

Curuchet said, also, that not all delegations will come with full equipment. "Because of the proximity, apart from us, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela, could bring 18 or more runners, there are others like the United States or Mexico, which will come -possibly- with a time trial and two or three riders for the test in the peloton."

Still no knowledge of the names of cyclists from other countries who will come to run the time trial between El Pinar and Ullum and the peloton races that will take place in the ring of the Avenida de Circunvalación, the outdoor cycling circuit more cute of the country, as the Sanjuaninean proudly repeat. (