BOGOTÁ. The Bolivian cyclist Óscar Soliz was sanctioned until 2021 by the International Cycling Union (UCI) after resolving and closing his corresponding file.

The Bolivian penalty comes a day after the suspension of the Colombians Fabian Lopez and Edward Diaz, the Brazilian Kleber Ramos and the German Ralf Matzka.

Soliz, 33, who was part of the Movistar América team, now disappeared, was detected the presence of CERA in a sample made the first of last August, after the team time trial that started the Vuelta a Colombia, competition who will no longer be part of the UCI America Tour in 2018, after the acceptance and support that the Colombia Oro y Paz 2.1 will have, which will be held between February 6 and 11 this year.

The one born in Potosí, who was one of the referring cyclists of the Continental 'telephone' team, was disqualified from competing in any event endorsed by the International Cycling Union until July 31, 2021. Thus, he will be able to return to cycling competitions at the age of 36 years.

López, Díaz and Soliz were three of the eight runners who tested positive for EPO Cera in the last Vuelta a Colombia, of which the Colombian Jhonatan Paredes has already received four years of official suspension.

These cyclists already have a 4-year sanction and will not return until 2021, while runners Luis Camargo, Fabio Montenegro and Luis Largo await the resolution.

For his part, the Brazilian Kleber Ramos was also suspended for four years until August 2020 - after a positive by wax before the Olympic Games in Rio, while Matzka -corridor of the Bora in 2016- will be 24 months ending in December. This year for tamoxifen. (