SAN JOSE. Cerro de la Muerte returns to "put and take" leaders, this morning happened with César Rojas of Extralum Tierniticos Beans, after his brother Juan Carlos (the then leader) gave him the order to go ahead to take advantage of its rivals.

In the ascent to La Cangreja Efrén Santos of Canel's-Specialized took the tip of the competition, the Mexican wanted to go in search of the Mountain Prizes disputed in the day, before arriving at the second, located in El Empalme, the minor of the Rojas gave him hunting, however, Santos failed to sustain the step of César who was struggling to increase the difference he had with respect to Juan Carlos group, Román Villalobos of Nestlé-7C-CBZ Asfaltos-Giant, Vladimir Fernández de Scott-Tele Uno and Walter Pedraza of GW-Shimano.

When crowning the Hill the advantage of the Champion Defender of the Turn was more than 3 minutes and although the descent to San Isidro del General is decreasing, he managed to remove an advantage of 2:09, making him the new leader of the Vuelta.

Rojas stopped the clock in 3:20:49, second was Santos and third Villalobos, both 2:09.

The man from Extralum leads the competition with a cumulative of 29:01:55, second place his brother to 27 seconds, third Villalobos to 42 seconds, fourth Santos to 3:16 and fifth Vladimir Fernández to 4 minutes.

The stage of this Wednesday leaves at 9 o'clock in the morning from the Municipality of Pérez Zeledón and will seek a goal in the ICE de Desamparados, for a total of 134.8 kilometers in which an Out of Category Mountain Prize will be played, located in the Cerro. (Daniela Robles, Fecoci Press)

TEN FIRST STAGE 9 (126,830 KM).

1. ROJAS, Cesar (CRC) 03:20:49
2. SANTOS, Efrén (MEX) +00:02:09
3. VILLALOBOS, Román (CRC) +00:02:09
4. ROJAS, Juan Carlos (CRC) +00:02:09
5. PEDRAZA, Walter (COL) +00:02:09
6. FERNANDEZ, Vladimir (CRC) +00:02:09
7. REYES, Yeison (COL) +00:05:01
8. VARELA, Leandro (CRC) +00:05:01
9. CHAVARRIA, Joseph (CRC) +00:05:01
10. MORERA, Isaac (CRC) +00:06:26


1. ROJAS, Cesar (CRC) 29:01:55
2. ROJAS, Juan Carlos (CRC) +00:00:27
3. VILLALOBOS, Roman (CRC) +00:00:42
4. SANTOS, Efren (MEX) +00:03:16
5. FERNANDEZ, Vladimir (CRC) +00:04:00
6. CHAVARRIA, Joseph (CRC) +00:05:44
7. PEDRAZA, Walter (COL) +00:06:53
8. CALA, Aristobulo (COL) +00:08:01
9. MORERA, Isaac (CRC) +00:08:34
10. VARELA, Leandro (CRC) +00:13:16