HAVANA. This Wednesday, October 17, 2018 the Copaci Bulletin turned 12 years since it began to circulate throughout the Americas, as an official publication of the Pan-American Cycling Confederation (COPACI).

In the indispensable count, our dissatisfactions increase in the measure that the cycling grows in this part of the world, in as much it becomes in increasing attraction for those in any small and separated space waits for the passage of a
multicolored caravan; or fix their eyes from the edges of competitive scenarios, to enjoy the expertise of the BMX, MTB, Pista and Ciclocrós cyclists.

We are compelled to work more and much better, even when social networks captivate the crowds, although professional journalism, serious and without hindrance, will never be overwhelmed.

To those who read us at any time and to those who collaborate with admirable seriousness, we share the toast from a distance through a cup covered in cycling and sports happiness. (Copaci Press)