SAN JOSE. The relationship between the Costa Rican cyclist Andrey Amador and the government sports entities are more tense than ever, after the cyclist attacked in his social networks against the Costa Rican Cycling Federation (Fecoci), Costa Rican Institute of Sports and Recreation (Icoder) and Committee Olympic (CON) for failing to provide financial assistance to the delegation that would be at the World Road Cycling Championships in Innsbruck, Austria to be played from September 23 to 31.

Subsequently, Amador announced that he will not go to the World Cup and will instead run the World Time Trial Championship with Movistar.

In their social networks the national athlete denounced the fact and raised the dust between the institutions and the athlete.

"That day (World Road) is the only one of the year in which Costa Rican cyclists have the opportunity to wear the colors of Costa Rica in our jersey in the eyes of everyone. So what should be a party is far from it because the three runners who must represent Costa Rica in that test do not have any kind of support, "Amador wrote in a letter on their social networks.

However, LA REPÚBLICA spoke with Juan Manuel González, president of Fecoci, who gave the reasons why the Federation does not have the resources to help cyclists.

"That man (Amador) had to ask first what the situation was and not make a fuss in networks, should have been informed," said the head, who explained that the first reason why they could not fund the tournament is due to a debt that He absorbed the current board of directors in 2016 from the previous one.

"When we received the financial statements, there were ¢ 48 million in accounts payable, so they received us." In July the Icoder sent us a document that let us know that of ¢ 112 million drawn to that meeting in 2016, ¢ 93 million had to be corrected. from there, ¢ 33 million were corrected and on Monday we carried out a banking operation to return ¢ 58 million to the Icoder, if they do not send us to the Public Prosecutor's Office ", González clarified.

In addition to agreeing the loan to pay off the debt, the current board will seek to accuse before the Public Ministry those who misappropriated public funds.

For that same reason, Fecoci stopped receiving ¢ 42 million granted by Icoder.

"If Mr. Cyclist (Amador) had asked, he would have sympathized and understood the situation, and among the resources that must be returned, there is a purchase of an air ticket for Andrey that the previous board irresponsibly bought him to travel in First class, the Icoder now made us pay back that money, "added the hierarch.

Although the Movistar cyclist will not directly represent Costa Rica, Ticos Julián Madrigal, Kevin Rivera and Luis Murillo will use their own resources to travel and compete in Austria.

"They from their own pockets and for sports lovers looked for their own resources and they will go. The disconnector also paid your ticket for the same reason. I want to guarantee that next year in our second year of management this issue will not be repeated. I guarantee Andrey that the other year we will help him, as we already warned him, "concluded Juan Manuel González, president of Fecoci. (