HAVANA. Cuban cyclist Marlies Mejías will race this season with the US professional team Sho-Air Twenty20, of the UCI Team category, the maximum awarded by the International Cycling Union for women's route teams, and her debut will be at the Santos Women Tour, in Australia, which will be made from January 13 to 21 next with the assistance of 12 groups.

Marlies, who joined the Weber Shimano Ladies Power last year, thus becomes the first cyclist to reside in Cuba who is a member of a US club, although for now she is a guest, according to the editor of the Cycling Commissioner Pablo Arturo Campins, which was confirmed by the legal director of Inder, Ramiro Dominguez.

Campins explained that the club, based in Canada, is interested in formalizing a contract for the Cuban, who last year dazzled in several competitions held in the United States.

However, the promising cyclist appears on the roster published on the website of Sho-Air Twnty20, and that for the Australian Tour presents a sextet in which Marlies is the only non-US, although the general list also appears cyclists from Mexico and Canada.

The turn in Australian soil consists of four stages, and ten of the registered teams have the main category of the UCI, which guarantees a great rivalry and will allow Marlies to test against more experienced riders on the route.

The Commissioner confirmed the return of Arlenis Sierra to Astana Team Women and the signing of Heidy Pradera with the same Kazakh-Italian team, and announced that an agreement is being negotiated for Claudia Baró to run for another Italian army, while it is possible that Two other Cuban cyclists, one of each sex, can be included in a continental club that should be created soon. (