QUITO. A total of 17 medals won the Ecuadorian delegation that participated in track cycling at the Pan American Youth Cycling that took place from August 5 to 9 at the La Tamborada velodrome in the city of Cochabamba.

Seven gold medals were obtained by the Ecuadorian representation in 500 meters against the women's clock, men's points race, men's individual speed, women's team speed, men's team speed, male Keirin and female Keirin.

Also seven were the silver medals that the riders reached in the 500 meters against the women's clock, the kilometer against the men's clock, the women's madison, the female individual pursuit, the team chase, the female Scratch and the female individual speed.

In female keirin, female individual pursuit and female individual speed reached bronze.

Undoubtedly the revelation of the international event was that of Ecuador that participates with 12 riders and promises more prizes in the road cycling events that will be held on August 11 and 12 in the Bolivia circuit of the Alalay lagoon. (


Lozano Alban Alán Antonio
Bone Nazareno Francisco Miguel
Gutiérrez Pianda Maicoll Joe
Quintero Mendoza Patrick Xavier
Rodos Cedoño Damina Ernesto
Gusman Illescas Kenneth Eduardo
Montenegro Faringo Lenin Javier


Samaniego Guaman Donie
Lozano Tarira Genesis
Herrera Terán Adriana Tais
Pancha Caiza Lizeth Leonor
Aguilar García Dayana Lizbeth