SAN SALVADOR. The president of the Salvadoran Cycling Federation (FSC), Mr. Enrique Araujo, thanked in a special way the sports authorities of our country (INDES and COES), for believing in the child and youth process, which for the past four years has been carried out as a priority plan of our federation.

It was the Spanish teacher, José Luis Algarra, who advised the creation of cycling schools and the training of coaches that today already fulfill a daily agenda in favor of our base cycling.

He also had words of praise for the parents, who have entrusted our institution with the tutoring of their children who will live with great joy and excitement the next edition, many of them will be their second Future Tour, another step towards our goal. great returns to our country, as the 24th edition of the great Tour of El Salvador, whose last edition was held ten years ago, precisely in 2007, and the other of our goals is the Women's Tour that was held in the year 2014.

Mr. Araujo also thanked the select group of sponsors, who have given that special push, for the realization of this great event that today will fill our main streets with joy, for their investment in the future and for believing in our sport and especially in our youth
Finally, he thanked the media, for the special treatment of the information that will be released day by day, and that once again posed to our country in the framework of world sport, remembering that the Future Tour has been classified as a success and worthy to imitate by the International Cycling Union (UCI), the organization that governs the sport of cycling worldwide and of which our federation is associated. (Press F.S.C)