BUENOS AIRES. The San Juan Hector Lucero (Citty Bikes Center) won the second stage of the 83rd edition of the Doble Bragado that ended on Monday in Chivilcoy after 125 kilometers of stage. The generals were not modified, Sebastián Trillini in the individual classification, Juan Molina in Sub 23 and Juan Pablo Dotti in the Sprint Goals. This Tuesday the test continues towards Pergamino.

The 83ª Doble Bragado continues advancing on the routes of the Buenosairean west, this Monday the second partial between Mercedes and Chivilcoy was completed, were 125 kilometers that counted on a tight triumph of Héctor Lucero (Citty Bikes Center), that surpassed Román Mastrángelo (City de Chivilcoy) and Mauricio Quiroga (SEP San Juan), after 2 hours and 48 minutes.

The first strong emotion of the stage arrived in Suipacha where the sprint goal was disputed and there Juan Pablo Dotti (SEP San Juan) remained with the points, securing the leadership in the general for two more days, behind him were Mauricio Quiroga (SEP San Juan) and Daniel Juárez (KTM).

After passing through Rivas, the adventurers began to seek escape and those who managed to make a difference with the peloton were Alejandro Durán (Shania Competition) and Darío Oliva (KTM), with a good pace they consolidated an advantage of more than 2 minutes and reached the Chivilcoyano circuit with advantage.

The escaped duo was consolidated as the escape of the day, but in the absence of 4 kilometers for the arrival was neutralized by the squad that was already preparing to launch the sprint for the fastest of the peloton.

The end of the stage, where the public accompanied in great form, was very tight and forced to review the fotofinish to determine the triumph of Héctor Lucero (Citty Bikes Center) on Román Mastrángelo (City of Chivilcoy).

In spite of the results Sebastián Trillini (SAT) remains as leader of the general of the Double Bragado, as well as Juan Molina (Shania Competition) that continues in front among the Sub 23 of the classic Buenosairean.

This Tuesday the 83rd Doble Bragado, organized by the National Cycling Club and Sports Image will join Chivilcoy and Pergamino, passing through Salto, where the sprint goal will be played, and Rojas, will be a 195-kilometer partial that will start at 3:00 p.m. (Adolfo Carrizo)