COLOMBIA. The president of the governing body of Colombian cycling, Jorge Ovidio González Longas, has been appointed by the UCI, headed by its president David Lappartient, as a member of the World Road Commission, a position in which as the only representative of Latin America will have the opportunity to contribute their knowledge, evaluate and discern along with the 12 members of the panel, the careers ascribed to the UCI international calendar.

This appointment constitutes one of the most relevant and distinguished news for the national cycling leadership, which in the last decade has managed to execute projects of importance to encourage the growth of activity in the country and in the world.

The last major objective was the inclusion in the international calendar of the race UCI 2.1 Colombia Oro y Paz, the first in history to be held in Colombian territory.

"This appointment is a tribute to the country, to the cycling sector, to the Federation and to my career of more than 30 years in the company of the UCI, which has taken me into account as a special guest in many of its events, and that today makes me part of this important group. I am very happy and very grateful to Mr. President Lappartient, "said Gonzalez Longas, who is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Pan American Cycling Confederation (COPACI), as vice president.

"With the World Commission of the UCI I will have the opportunity to contribute my knowledge as a man of cycling, and more with a country like ours where the route predominates. It is worth remembering that our Federation has more than 30 route events per year and has a technical committee organized to do so. Now, with the learning I have had, and with the organization of the first 2.1 in our country will change the traditional scheme of the route, "said the first president of Fedeciclismo, which will integrate the select commission along with personalities from Belgium, Russia, United States United, Portugal, Holland, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Australia, France, Spain and Monaco. (

UCI World Route Commission:

Tom Van Damme (BEL) President
Alexander Gusyatnikov (RUS) Member
Delmino Pereira (POR) Member
Umberto Langellotti (MON) Member
Jorge Ovidio González (COL) Member
Sean Perry (USA) Member
Rochelle Gilmore (AUS) Member
Dmitry Fofonov (KAZ) Member
Pierre - Yves Chatelon (FRA) Representative of Development Teams.
Ed Buchette (LUX) Representative of the organizers, member AIOCC
Alfonso Galilea Zurbano (ESP) Representative of the teams, appointed by the AIGCP
Marianne Voss (HOL) Representative of the athletes