MEXICO CITY. Mexican track cycling completed its attendance at the Pan American Track Cycling Championship in Trinidad and Tobago, where it won 16 places for the Central American and Caribbean Games Barranquilla 2018.

The president of the Mexican Cycling Federation (FMC), Edgardo Hernández, said that the national representation fulfilled the forecasts in the regional joust, since it was the last event where the places could be obtained for Central Americans.

He indicated that all the selected were on par with the fair, so they won three gold medals, and although Colombia went to third place and left Mexico fourth, the results were favorable.

"It is a fact that our track cycling has delivered good results, it could practically be said that with these achievements, in Barranquilla 2018 will pay good dividends and will be in the medal in the tests of sprint and medium fund," he said.

In the regional trinity, Mexico settled in the fourth place with nine medals, of which three were of each value, while the United States won the event with 13 (8-3-2); followed by Canada, with 11 (4-4-3), and Colombia, with 10 (4-4-2).

We are satisfied with the results, but more because the 21 places for the Central Americans were achieved. We will continue with the preparation of the boys because we want to be among the best in the first fair to Tokyo 2020, "he said.

The sports leader said that competitors like world record holder Jessica Salazar, Ignacio Prado and Daniela Gaxiola were the champions in tests of speed and resistance, which speaks of the work that each of the cyclists have done for the international jousts and, of course, with the aim of classifying Tokyo 2020. (Notimex)