MEXICO CITY. Mexico will have representation in the Tour of Chile to 2017, which is scheduled from October 10 to 15, after the Mexican Cycling Federation received an invitation from the organizing committee of the competition.

The Mexican agency chose Canel's team from San Luis Potosí, which is run by Juan José Monsiváis, to take part in the Andean fair, which will consist of five stages and a prologue to start in the City of Concepcion.

The traditional competition returns to the activity, after five years of absence and wants to return to roll in this 2017. In this occasion, the test will have classification 2.2 UCI and with the presence of 15 teams. Of these, there will be 10 national and five international. More than 100 runners in total of five nationalities: Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay and of course Mexico.

The prologue will be on October 10 with 7 kilometers; while stage 1 is 156 km in Chillan Viejo, the longest of all considered the Reyna, is stage 4 of 186 km that leaves from Viña del Mar.

"We go with a good team and as always to seek victory," said the coach, who confirmed his team with their best men to seek the title.

The squad is formed by José Alfredo Aguirre, Jonathan Casillas, Eduardo Corte, Efrén Santos, Spanish Victor Garcia and Chilean Pablo Alarcón. (Notimex)