CITY OF PANAMA. The Giro RPC Radio had its first stage this Friday afternoon in Costa del Este, with a closed circuit and the participation of the category both male and female.

Around 4:00 pm, the first women's group started their journey, which consisted of 19.5 km in a circuit 1.3 km in 15 laps. Daniela Saucedo with a time of 30:15 stood out in the female category.

In Master C was Enrique Jiménez with 27.18, while in Master B was Manuel Guevara at 25:00. Frank Travieso excelled in Master A with 25:08.

For this Saturday will be the second stage, touring the Centennial Bridge and Bridge of the Americas from the Cinta Costera III.

The second stage is called "Crossing of the Punts" that promises to be the most attractive for its tourist content that include the Centennial Bridge and Bridge of the Americas, leaving Coastal Band 3 with a distance of 101 km from 8:30 a.m. which leaves the parking lot near the Maracana.

For Sunday 10 the last stage will start at the same place on the Coastal Band 3 from 8:30 am leaving the parking lot near the Maracaná to Paitilla in a closed circuit called "Fight for Glory". (www.rpctv.com)