BOGOTÁ. Rigoberto Urán, Fernando Gaviria and Nairo Quintana were the main protagonists in the presentation of the Colombia Oro y Paz international race, which had emotional and relaxed moments, as well as great surprises: the announcement of the Spanish Alberto Contador and the Italian Ivan Basso, as guests special events to the event that will take place from February 6 to 11, 2018.

The presentation ceremony before the most important media of the country, counted with the presence of the highest authorities of the Colombian Cycling Federation, headed by its president Jorge Ovidio González, General Rodolfo Palomino López, director of the race and the Dr. Ana Milena Orozco, Director of Leadership and Positioning of Coldeportes.

"The dream is already a reality, making this contact with the race with a press conference to present it is already an important step. Now is to wait what happens in the days and that the organization evolves and thus have an excellent race here in Colombia with the European teams, "said Fernando Gaviria, winner of 14 stages in the 2017 season.

"Very happy because it is a very important event and I had repeated it: it is an event that Colombia needed, a race where we could participate because we only have the possibility of running in Colombia in the National Championship, and now have international teams that come to participate is very beautiful. It is important to show the infrastructure of Colombia and be able to share with the people, "said Rigoberto Urán, the runner-up of the Tour de France.

"It is a pride that in the country a race of such importance is organized and that the event is well organized, that it goes well. And not only the participation of us Colombians but also the participation of foreigners. It will be a pride to show the country to the world, "said Nairo Quintana, runner-up of the Giro d'Italia, which will begin its official season in the Colombian international race.

During the event the official route was also revealed, which will have six stages, starting with a circuit in Palmira, with a total distance of 99.9 kilometers. Likewise, the president of Fedeciclismo, Jorge Ovidio González, said that by 2019 the race will be held in Antioquia and in 2020, the Olympic year, Boyacá will be its headquarters.

"It's something we already have in advance, because the idea is to take the race to the main axes of Colombian cycling," said Gonzalez, who was pleased by the start of the event that will mark a before and after in Colombian sport. (

Stage 1 February 6 / Circuit In Palmira 99.9 Km
Stage 2 7 February / Palmira-Santander Quilichao-Cerrito-Palmira 183.4 Km
Stage 3 February 8 / Palmira - Buga - Variante Tuluá - La Paila - Return - Buga 163.2 Km
Stage 4 9 February / Buga -Tuluá - La Paila - Cartago - Pereira -Disquebradas - El Tambo 149,5
Stage 5 February 10 / Pereira - Cartago - La Paila - Tebaida - Armenia - Salento 160.8 Km
Stage 6 February 11 / Armenia - Tebaida - La Paila - Cartago 184.3 Km