SAN JOSE. Andrey Amador in elite category and Jason Huertas alongside Daniel Jara in Sub 23 will make up the Costa Rican National Team that will be in the World Road Cycling Championship to be held from September 17 to 24 in Bergen, Norway.

Huertas and Jara will compete in the Individual Time Trial and route test; for the route the ticos must give 10 laps to the circuit, for a total of 191 kilometers which begins and ends in Festplassen in the center of the city. For the chrono test the Sub 23 must complete one lap to the circuit, plus a short lap (a segment corresponding to the women's test), for a total of 37.2 kilometers, starting in Grieghallen and ending with Festplassen.

Jason Huertas belongs to the squad of Lizarte and has already won 2 victories in Spanish lands, while Daniel Jara was competing, at the beginning of the year, with the team of the World Cycling Center in Switzerland.

For his part, Amador this year will only compete in the Ruta test, a total of 267.5 kilometers corresponding to 11 laps to the circuit.

The cyclists will run under the Technical Directorate of Mario Amién.

The test of time trial will be disputed on Monday 18, the route sub 23 on Friday 22 and elite on Sunday, September 24. (Daniela Robles, FECOCI Press)