BUENOS AIRES. Sebastián Tolosa (Helmets ESCO Agroplan) celebrated in the 4th stage held in the traditional Circuit of the 4 Avenues of Pergamino and Fernando Antogna (City of Chivilcoy) remains as leader in the 83rd Double Bragado that still does not show a clear candidate for victory.

This Wednesday the 4th stage of the 83rd Doble Bragado was contested and again the prize was for the escape, Sebastián Tolosa (ESCO Agroplan Helmets) took the stage with 3 hours and 15 minutes, arriving in a small group ahead of Aníbal Borrajo ( City of Chivilcoy) and Diego Valenzuela (SAT).

The traditional stage of the Circuit of the 4 Avenues of Pergamino had a great audience and a great show that lasted for more than 3 hours, the squad was responsible for making those present vibrate with a career that left the possibilities wide open in the general classification.

From the beginning of the race there were escape attempts that tried to make a difference with the majority, in flight Diego Valenzuela (SAT) from Cordova was left with the sprint goal of round 20, a little behind Federico Vivas (SAT) and Federico added. Ojeda (JEA Construcciones).

Missing 15 turns for the final was the decisive cut, in it were Sergio Fredes (SAT), Matias Fredes (Uniting Villages), Mauro Agostini (Citty Bikes Center), Fernando Cuadroz (Three of February), Ivan Escudero (Shania) , Sebastián Tolosa (ESCO Agroplan Helmets), Aníbal Borrajo (City of Chivilcoy) and Facundo Bolinaga (Club Ciclista Bragado).

That group came to have more than 1 minute difference and despite the effort of the peloton there was no way to neutralize it, also over the last three rounds the attack of Diego Valenzuela (SAT) and José Luis Rodríguez (SEP San Juan) paid off and the group was enlarged.

Tolosa arrived in front of Borrajo and Valenzuela, being the best of the fugue that got 6 seconds ahead of the peloton where were the leaders of the Double Bragado, who maintained their places of privilege, Fernando Antogna (City of Chivilcoy) in the general , Juan Molina (Shania Competition) and Juan Pablo Dotti (SEP San Juan) in the Sprint Goals.

This Thursday there is a double day for the squad of the 83rd Double Bragado, the test organized by the National Cycling Club and Sports Image will perform in the morning the section in platoon between Pergamino and Junin, with meta sprint to pass through Rojas, will be 106 kilometers and in the afternoon, from 3:00 pm, the team time trial will take place over 5 kilometers. (Adolfo Carrizo)