SANTIAGO. The first stage of the Tour of Chile left the first controversy of the race that was disputed after five years and that had its starting point this Wednesday in the Independence Square of Conception.

It all happened when the test that ended in Chillán Viejo took about an hour of development and Carlos Riveros, Martín Westermayer and Jaime Marchant were surprised affirmed of a vehicle, something that is prohibited, reason why they will be disqualified as it explained to Everything by the Sport the commissary general of the competition, the Colombian Carlos Arcila.

The first stage of the competition was for Adriom Alvarado of the Chile-Spain team San Fernando, who won in the initial 116 kilometers, finishing in front of Patricio Baeza and Ricardo Hasbún who closed the podium.

"I was very happy because five years ago I did not do this Vuelta and to be the first leader is a great triumph.This victory is dedicated to my daughter and my family who support me.There are cyclists more prepared than I, victory, "said Alvarado.

"Our goal was to fight some stage or poor secondary prize as the goal mountain, but I tried to dispute it and the Argentines and Colombians are going very strong upwards. "

This Thursday will be disputed the second stage with a route of more than 100 kilometers that will join Talca and Curicó, in addition to a team time trial (CRE) to be held at Cerro Condel, which covers 9.4 kilometers. (